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What’s your lie? Better kill it. A Conversation with Carlos Whittaker

What’s holding you back? Have you fallen prey to false narratives about yourself? A narrative that may be keeping you from all you are and all you could be. Some people have believed lies about themselves for so long that they no longer pursue dreams or goals. Some would rather stay frozen in fear, bridled in mediocrity, or stagnant from avoidance, rather than face difficulties and deal with the cycle of lies and destructive decisions preventing them from living out their purpose. “I got an ema

Stories, Vinyl and Vulnerability: A Conversation with Spoken Word Artist Amena Brown

We’ve all been victim of our own perceptions and our own tired, cyclical, self-limiting behaviors and attitudes. At one time or another we’ve asked ourselves, how we might become better, what we need to do to earn, trust, or love. We wonder what’s “wrong” or we ask ourselves, “what if?” And inevitably we become our own accusers and our thoughts become barriers to our possibilities. Amena Brown would call that scenario a “broken record.” Amena Brown grew up loving books and it was her love for b

Catching up with a LIFER: MercyMe’s Bart Millard talks Faith, Family & Heroes

The 44-year-old Christian singer of MercyMe, and former youth pastor, who once worked in a sewer plant, always dreamed of a music career, but imagined it as more of a side hustle than a lifestyle. According to Millard, it never dawned on him that he could combine church work and music. “I always dreamed of singing and being in a band, but, you know, in high school and college, how do you make that a reality? I thought I would work in the church and just do some music on the side.” Then people be

Identity and What Really Matters with Colton Dixon

“With what I do, it’s not just music entertainment. I have the opportunity to encourage people. And God sometimes uses my songs to radically change people’s lives. That’s such an amazing thing to be a part of. For anyone in life, no matter what they do, if their goal is to do something for themselves they’ll feel empty, but if they have the opportunity to do something bigger than themselves, there is so much more fulfillment in that. I’m glad that God planted this desire in my heart when I was y

Unique Partnership Shines Light and LOVE on American Heroes and You Can Be a Part of It

If you missed the 5th Annual K-Love Awards in Nashville this year, the opportunity to catch the event has not fully passed. K-LOVE recently collaborated with the Military Warriors Support Foundation to pull off a star-studded evening honoring military heroes in addition to the many music artists recognized each year. This Tuesday, the entire event may be showing at a theater near you. In fact, thanks to an additional partnership with Fathom Events, over 500 theaters across the US will be offerin

How a Food Truck, Faith and Community Welcomes the Homeless

“I just began to ask God, “What do you want me to do? What is it I could do to advance the Kingdom?’ Graham explains, ‘I think it became of interest to me because I think God chooses people who are ill-equipped to do something. If I get onto something I’m not walking away from it. The issue of homelessness is not intractable.” “I just couldn’t get that idea out of my brain” and being a self-described serial entrepreneur, Alan Graham couldn’t let it go, but he had some non-negotiables to his vis

Second Act. Class Act. A Conversation with Amy Roloff

In their attempt to give us the most authentic view of their lives, we have been there to experience the mundane, the amazing, the exciting, some sadness, and even the deterioration of Matt and Amy’s marriage. The show could have ended. Many thought it would—but it’s still in full swing. Now we’re watching the kids (all now adults) enjoy their own lives and they’re gracious enough to let us in on it. The 13th season of Little People Big World premieres this fall. Not long after the realization

Church Attendance Declines but Hearts Still On Fire for Evangelical Youth Conferences

Current research indicates that church membership, and church activity is decreasing. The latest statistics suggest that millennials are skeptical of churches and the number of young people leaving the church once they hit college is at an all-time high. But for all the negative and worrisome numbers, there’s a glimmer of hope, a lifeline, a heart-beat—The American faith-based youth conference complete with energetic speakers, concert-style worship teams and fervent calls to action, still has a

Life, Laughs and Stupid Poverty: A Conversation with the Skit Guys

Both former youth ministers, Tommy and Eddie, were best friends in high school. These wise-guy class clowns, knew they were funny, and how to work a crowd, but they never expected to make a living at it. “We used to say ‘we like doing this, but we’d never want to do it as a full-time job,” Tommy explains, “Just because we thought there was no viability in it, and there was no way you could make a living…but eventually it took over and became a full time job.” Eddie agrees, “Yeah, growing up we

10 Tips For Dealing With Anxiety In Relationships

I once knew a high school football player (I’ll call him Jay) who was destined to go places. He’d played football since he was in elementary school, and by the time he reached his freshman year of high school he was already being watched closely. Jay had always dealt with anxiety but when he hit high school the anxiety increased exponentially. It wasn’t uncommon for Jay to have panic attacks that no one but family and his guidance counselors knew about. While he quit most social activities, he s

Heartbeats, Drum Kits and the Hardest Places: Josh Devine Talks FH Global Relief

Wanna change the world? We’ve all seen humanitarian or global agency offers to help you help a child by becoming a child sponsor. Many of us have signed up to help change a life in that way, but how many of us actually ever get to meet the child we sponsor? How many of us get to visit their community? How many of us find a way to help those communities become more self-sustaining? Well, Josh Devine did meet his sponsored child, and now he’s helping bring about awareness to change lives in a smal

Do Your Remember Hurricane Matthew? Disaster Aid Groups Like SEND Relief Hope So

Do you remember Hurricane Matthew? It may seem like a crazy notion after Hurricane Matthew left destruction in its path from the Caribbean to the United States, and it may have only wreaked havoc a month or two ago, but in many ways some have already forgotten. Faith-based groups like Send Relief, NAMB, and the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization are doing their part to make sure that doesn’t happen. Lives have been forever changed along the East Coast. Media crews typically cover dis

Toothpaste, Holy Confidence, and Second Chances: Big Lessons in Tiny Greatness with Mike Foster

Have you ever needed a second chance? How about forgiveness? Have you ever struggled with accepting yourself, or with guilt or shame? Most of us have messed up. Most of us have failed. Most of us at one time or another have found ourselves broken. Mike Foster, author of People of the Second Chance has a question or two for anyone “struggling to find meaning and love”. “What if we all started loving ourselves the way God loves us?” “What if we started loving the people right in front of us?” “I

Uncommon Leadership: A Conversation with Catalyst’s Tyler Reagin

When was the last time you went to church? If you fall in line with most statistics it may not have been recently. Or maybe you attend three days a week. Even so, at best, church growth is stagnant. At worst it’s in a free fall. Research recently released by Barna suggests that while most Americans still identify as Christian (as much as 73%), church attendance and the ways individuals practice Christianity offer a bleaker picture. But why? Tyler Reagin, Executive Director of Catalyst Atlanta as

Unity? Chris Tomlin is Praying for a Miracle and You Can Join Him at a Theater near You

Tomlin has observed that in today’s culture, “Even in the church, we often feel divided and uncertain.” Tomlin’s Worship Night in America events that packed houses like Madison Square Garden in New York, and The Forum in LA culminated a “heartfelt desire to host a night that had nothing to do with politics, but rather enlisted the humble spirit of prayer and worship to bring people together.” Having curated the songs with the help of others, Chris began brainstorming what it might be like to fi

Jeremy Cowart’s Purpose Hotel: One Man’s Dream to Help You Help the World

Where was your most recent hotel stay? Did you choose it because of location, its luxurious reputation, or did you choose it because it had a greater purpose? Celebrity Photographer, Jeremy Cowart wants to help you help the world. His life impacting pursuits became more widely known through his “Voices of Reconciliation Project” where he documented the lives of those effected by the Rwandan Genocide along with filmmaker Laura Waters Hinson. Another of Cowart’s humanitarian projects centered on t

I'm Not Slacking! What Others See as Slacking Is Often Pursuit of Purpose

Any person who bears the title of online or digital creator, writer, blogger, entrepreneur, speaker, business owner, publicist, promoter, branding expert, social entrepreneur, or is otherwise called a creative, a social entrepreneur, or leader can relate. Family or friends see you glued to your smart device or laptop half-jokingly refer to your inability to separate. Lighthearted quips, pleas to unplug, innocent but guilt-laden mentions of doing other things, or offers for alternatives to how yo

Quiet Please...: Filmmaker Jeffrey Scott Gould's New Misophonia Documentary Is Plenty To Chew On

Jeffrey Scott Gould was only 7 years old when he discovered one of his first sound triggers. He was taking a test and the kid sitting behind him kept sniffling. Simple sniffles could keep Jeff from learning. Since that time additional unbearable triggering sounds have been added to the list. There's chewing and crunching, and then there's the sound of someone plodding along in flip-flops. He recalls once asking his step-mom as a teen to leave the carrots out the salad at dinner. And then there's

5 Questions to Ask Before Calling Yourself a Leader

There’s no shortage of people calling themselves leaders today. Search Amazon and you’ll find thousands or millions of books on leadership-related topics. Google the word, and there are tons of websites. Hashtag the term in your Twitter search box and you’ll find tons of profiles. There’s nothing wrong with being a leader or claiming the title. We need more leaders. I can’t think of a field where leadership is not appreciated. Nor can I think of a time when effective leadership was needed more!
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